2015 RWA conference in New York City!

conferenceThe Romance Writers of America conference in New York City was absolutely amazing. Every session I attended was taught by a New York Times or USA Today Bestselling author. Talk about inspiring. Wow.

Yes, I mostly write science fiction/fantasy. But a long time ago, I heard a respected literary agent say, “If you want to learn how to write, go to the RWA conference. It’s the best for both the craft and the business of writing”.

This year in NYC was only my 3rd RWA conference, but I swear, they keep getting better. The experience was definitely enhanced by meeting so many of my fellow Boroughs authors, along with the publisher of Boroughs, Michelle Klayman, and the Senior Editor, Jill Limber.

The culminating event of the RWA conference is the Rita and Gold Heart Awards. My friend and fellow YA author, Lisa Brown Roberts, describes these as the Oscar Awards of Romance writing. Can you imagine being in a room with 2400 other people who are also thrilled about writing? Every time I’ve felt a little stuck as I’m wrapping up book #2 in my series, I picture that giant room filled with writers who have published so many books. And then I get back to work.

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