Author: Jenna Lincoln

Remote Teaching and Learning

When we moved to remote learning, I was fortunate enough to be working in a handful of classrooms. I got to teach my genre fiction unit with 6th graders and a brand new narrative non-fiction unit with 7th graders. What I learned, alongside my brave and wonderful co-teachers, is that relationships and the option for complex thinking instead of busywork, created decent conditions for engagement. And Read more […]

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Writing Nonfiction – Challenge accepted!

As a Language Arts teacher and a teacher writer, I spend a lot of time thinking about writing. I spend even more time testing out lesson ideas in classrooms with many different ages and configurations of students. Once I have a good idea with lots of positive student response, I present that idea to my fellow educators in their buildings and districts, but also at state and national conferences. Because Read more […]

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Pitch Wars Showcase

Pitch Wars had a record number of agent requests during the showcase this year! My mentee’s entry can be found here and all the other showcase entries can be found here. Not to brag, but I think Martha. Killed. It. Don’t you want to read her book now? It’s as fun and delicious as it sounds.    In publishing, one must cultivate the skill of Celebrating the Moment. Every step forward Read more […]

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