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Denver Comic Con

For the first time since DCC started, I attended in plain clothes. (Well, I did get to debut my new Captain Marvel Vans.) It was a strange feeling, dressed as a Muggle in a sea of fabulous cosplayers. However, the opportunities afforded me at this year’s con far outshone my ‘lack of costume’ fomo. Thanks to my friend Amalie Howard, I got to moderate two very cool panels, one on kissing and Read more [...]

Book Birthday – Prophecy of the Tree

Concluding a trilogy is both thrilling and bittersweet. It’s hard to say goodbye to characters I’ve spent so much time with. This book has some great reveals about several characters and we finally get to find out who kidnapped Mara. For the most part, I tried to wrap up the loose ends. However, I left the door open for new story lines and new stories. When I come back to the world of the Laskan Read more [...]

April 2018 – Pikes Peak Writers – Jonathan Maberry

My favorite thriller writer is Jonathan Maberry. He writes a series for adults featuring a character named Joe Ledger who works for the mysterious Department of Military Sciences. Maberry’s writing not only brings Joe Ledger to life, but also the increasingly challenging threats that Ledger faces over the course of many books. Maberry also edits professionally written X-Files fan fiction and publishes Read more [...]
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