Book Birthday – May 2017

The second book in my trilogy has finally appeared in the world! Words cannot convey the excitement and anticipation trembling through my body as I opened the box of hard copies of The People’s Champion at long last.

Maybe it was the coffee, tequila, and tears poured into The People’s Champion, or maybe it was the nagging worry that my first book getting published was a fluke, but I feel so proud of this novel. I’m thrilled with how the world is unfolding and how the main characters are developing. Fair warning, readers might have mixed feelings about the ending. My mentor text was The Empire Strikes Back – arguably the best 2nd installment in a trilogy of all time. Rest assured book 3 will deliver more excitement, new adventures in the Laskan Commonwealth, and a glorious ending worthy of Mara and Dalin’s commitment and sacrifice.

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Jenna Lincoln