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Pitch Wars 2017 Blog Hop – Mentor Bio and Wish List

Jenna Lincoln writes science fiction. Her published YA novels, The Protector Project and The People’s Champion are the first two in a planned trilogy. She has an adult novella in the upcoming (Fall 2017) scifi romance anthology Cosmic Cabaret.   Jenna nerds about science and pop culture on Twitter and Facebook. She collects weird-but-true news articles and posts them as story ideas. Her Read more [...]

Working with the Denver Writing Project – June 2017

Lucky me, I got to speak to three different groups of writers during the Denver Writing Project's Summer Institute in June. Like I told the DWP directors, I owe a lot to their organization. It is such a pleasure to give back to the group that kicked off my own writing and rewired the way I teach writing to students.   For my two Young Writers’ Camp presentations, I chose the topic of setting. Read more [...]

Book Birthday – May 2017

The second book in my trilogy has finally appeared in the world! Words cannot convey the excitement and anticipation trembling through my body as I opened the box of hard copies of The People’s Champion at long last. Maybe it was the coffee, tequila, and tears poured into The People’s Champion, or maybe it was the nagging worry that my first book getting published was a fluke, but I feel Read more [...]