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Cosmic Cabaret aka The Love Boat in Space – April 2017

I’ve wondered about writing for adults. When I saw the call for submissions for the Cosmic Cabaret anthology, I decided to throw my name in the hat. The concept for the anthology is simple. Imagine the most advanced intergalactic cruise liner known to humankind and write a romance set somewhere on its decks. My novella has been tons of fun to write – it features a space-faring man of mystery Read more [...]

Horror is hard to teach to new writers – March 2017

As each new creative writing class started this year, I revisited the topics most challenging to teach. The two genres pushing me to my teaching edge are comedy and horror. What makes a person laugh and what makes a person shriek is personal, tied to the alchemy that spawned the individual. Therefore teaching writers to create comedy and horror for others requires teaching a little about self and a Read more [...]

Romance! February 2017

I’m on the Heart of Denver Romance Writers board with my good friends Lisa Brown Roberts and Sarah Hegger. One of our local library systems contacted Lisa, our HoDRW president, about offering a program on How to Write Romance at two locations during the month of February.   Jenna, you might be thinking, you don’t write Romance. You write Young Adult Science Fiction. What the heck?   Well, Read more [...]