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The Protector Project

ProtectorProjectTeen soldier Mara de la Luz is about to find out what makes her so special that some would kidnap and kill her-and others, willingly die for her. ENDLESS CARNAGE. ENDLESS QUESTIONS. Mara is a 17-year-old soldier who’s spent years fighting a war that’s lasted generations. Wide-eyed children, some just turned thirteen, rarely survive their first fights despite her best efforts to train and lead them. What she thinks she wants is to uncover the root causes of the war between the Protectors and the masked Gaishan, maybe find a way to end it. But what she really wants is a future-for herself and the others-beyond the battlefield. Then she’s injured in combat, and when an enemy fighter not only heals her wounds but reveals his face, she sees the promise of all she desires. This cunning teen Gaishan has answers to her questions, but first she must commit treason and travel beyond the boundaries of her world. She must brave a place where everything rests on the point of a blade: her loyalties, her friends, her heart.


“The characters of this book were alive in my mind even when I WASN’T reading it, and I couldn’t wait to get back to them. I truly cared about them and loved the surprises in the plot and character developments. It inspires connections – the war to current events, the inner journeys of the characters to my own experiences, and the intense connections between people to powerful pathways to be welcome and be healed; Thank the Light for this brilliant, empowering, entertaining ride into another world! More please!”

“Jenna Lincoln’s dynamic read, The Projector Project, boasts a creative juxtapose of life and imagination. This world and spirit world. Brave heart of soldiers and vulnerable heart of humanity. Lincoln’s lead character Mara clearly relates to both male and female edge with her warrior fight instincts and intuitive loyalty to THE LIGHT, her true self. The Protector Project is a MUST read! Kin to books such as Divergent, Hunger Games, and The Maze Runner, The Protector Project won’t disappoint. ENJOY!”

“I was totally drawn into this story from the first chapter. When I had to stop reading I felt as though I had left friends waiting in limbo until I could get back to them. Sorry it is over, but looking forward to the next one! The writing is superb, the characters are enthralling, the story is always surprising, and the world they live in is Mysterious, wonderful and feels totally real in every detail.”

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The People’s Champion (The Protector Project Book 2)

For young veteran soldiers Dalin and Mara, ending the war on their home planet wasn’t enough. The children of Asattha aren’t the only ones suffering from the cruel whims of a vicious queen.

In the heart of the Commonwealth’s capital city is a military academy known for placing cadets in extreme peril. Getting recruited is easy. Surviving training at the Queen’s Military Skills and Strategy School is harder. Dalin and Mara enlist and sign over their freedom to get closer to the fiends responsible for the increasing casualties in the war experiments across the other planets.

They don’t make much progress until a prototype drug puts Mara’s life in danger just before she’s sent on a perilous mission. Faced with a terrible choice, Dalin risks something even more important than his life, his relationship with his partner, to pursue the revolution and give the people a champion.


“You know it’s a great read when you find yourself holding your breath through most of the book. In the second book of the Protector Project trilogy, the reader is treated to both points of view of the main warrior characters, Mara and Dalin. I actually think I liked this novel better than the first one, which I don’t say very often, and I loved the first book. There is incredible action, suspense, and don’t forget the romance. If my students said they liked Hunger’s Game, The Maze Runner or Unwind, I would definitely recommend this book to them. I would also recommend this book to readers that have a difficult time engaging with a book; the action will pull them right in. I can’t wait for Ms. Lincoln to publish the last installment of the trilogy.”

“This trilogy is SO GOOD! The People’s Champion is even better than the first book, The Protectors Project. I can’t wait for book three! Edge of your seat, nail biting action…you won’t be able to put it down!”

“Jenna (aka Jennifer) has created a unique culture in terms of both politics and environment. In this second book, she has conquered the problem of “the second book in the series is always weaker” problem . Characters are further developed as well as the relationship between Mara and Dalin. The exciting plot moves along and it was hard for me to put down. Again, somewhat in the Hunger Games genre but with a real difference. I especially like the multi-cultural aspect of the book. Impatiently waiting for Book Three.”

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Comets and Caviar

Shake up a fresh martini and get ready to meet your new favorite intergalactic man of mystery. Malachi Cartier’s tastes run to the exceptional whether he’s savoring fine spirits or an extraordinary woman. At least that’s the cover identity he’s using to get close to a self-styled sultan and his entourage. Somewhere in their cargo is an artifact that might prevent the invasion of Earth.

Unfortunately, the artifact is protected by a more-than-competent security professional, Keya Murakami, the one woman he didn’t have a chance to savor. Charm will only go so far before Malachi has to dust off his more specialized skills to achieve his goal.

If he gets a second shot at Keya? Champagne with a side of caviar. For adult audiences.

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