Pitch Wars 2017 Blog Hop – Mentor Bio and Wish List

Jenna Lincoln writes science fiction. Her published YA novels, The Protector Project and The People’s Champion are the first two in a planned trilogy. She has an adult novella in the upcoming (Fall 2017) scifi romance anthology Cosmic Cabaret.


Jenna nerds about science and pop culture on Twitter and Facebook. She collects weird-but-true news articles and posts them as story ideas. Her most favorite fandom is Supernatural, but she’s more than kinda into Stranger Things. Right after her husband, Jenna’s primary relationship is with coffee.


Seeking to mentor a writer of:

YA genre fiction, especially science fiction or fantasy. That being said, Jenna’s very interested in horror, thriller, and mystery, either crossing into other genres or on their own. Have a love story woven into the narrative? Even better. Something supernatural? Yasss please.


Other interests include: diverse cultural/linguistic backgrounds, LGBTQ+ characters, strong and unusual settings


*Exclusions: narratives including rape, incest, or any type of sexual assault



This is Jenna’s first year as a Pitch Wars mentor, but not her first year as a mentor. She’s been working with new writers of all ages for more than a decade. Jenna is honest, but always constructive and positive. She takes mentoring very seriously and is 100% committed to her mentee’s success!


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11 Responses

  1. Hello Jenna, I have a few questions.

    1. how are you with zombie stories?
    2. will you accept multi-POV submissions?
    3. do you prefer “standalone” or “first in a planned series”?
    4. do you like anime-style writing?

    • Jenna Lincoln says:

      Hello Elisa,
      1. I love zombie stories. Favorites include The Girl With All the Gifts by M.R. Carey and Feed by Mira Grant.
      2. Yes, I will accept multi-POV submissions.
      3. No preference between standalone and first in a planned series.
      4. Not sure what you mean by “anime-style” writing. Could you give me a comparable published title or two?

  2. J. E. Mitchell says:

    Hi, Jenna. I believe my MS sounds like a good fit for you. Would you be interested in an urban fantasy blended with strong mystery elements, and witches in the vein of the series Supernatural)? I also have a male POV and wanted to know if that would be an issue. Some mentors specifically want it, some don’t, and most don’t say either way.

    • Jenna Lincoln says:

      Hi J.E., Yes to all of those things! I read a lot of science fiction and fantasy with male PoV. My second book is dual male/female PoV. Not only do I not have an issue, I think your work sounds very interesting.

  3. Hi Jenna! I’m thinking of submitting to you as a mentor, and I’m wondering if you are a fan of the movie The Iron Giant.

    • Jenna Lincoln says:

      Hi Jennifer, oh my gosh, The Iron Giant! I haven’t seen that in ages. But yes, a fan, definitely.