October is Conference Season!

One of my favorite parts about being a writer is sitting on panels with other writers at cons. One of my other favorite parts is working with teachers. The last week of October, I participated in three conferences in five days. Whew! 

Mile Hi Con – Friday (Denver)

PPIRA – Saturday (Colorado Springs)

Mile Hi Con – Sunday day (Denver)

CAGT Sunday night, Monday, and Tuesday (Ft. Collins/Loveland)


What did I learn? That was a little too much. 

What else did I learn? I should give myself a more of a time cushion when prepping so many sessions at once.

Would I do it again? Maybe…probably. Writers and teachers don’t meet all year. Conference season can be a fleeting thing. 

Other reflections? Because I always strive to learn, I love being around learners of any age. People who choose to attend cons and/or conferences are people actively choosing to be exposed to novel ideas and fresh perspectives. Writing is ultimately a solitary act. But as I sit at my keyboard, I have all the new ideas and new faces right here with me for company during the long months when I don’t have these wonderful opportunities to connect with like-minded teachers and writers.

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