Pitch Wars Showcase

Pitch Wars had a record number of agent requests during the showcase this year! My mentee’s entry can be found here and all the other showcase entries can be found here. Not to brag, but I think Martha. Killed. It. Don’t you want to read her book now? It’s as fun and delicious as it sounds. 


In publishing, one must cultivate the skill of Celebrating the Moment. Every step forward needs to be savored and saved against the inevitable stumbles and rejections. I’m very hopeful that Martha is basking in the satisfaction of a job well done and the joy of so many people interested in her manuscript. 

Another important skill for all writers is finding the joy in the process. A long time ago I heard a speaker say, “If you can stop writing, you should.” I puzzled over that statement even as the writers around the room laughed. Maybe it was the teacher in me, but my first reaction was, don’t tell people that or they’ll stop writing. My next reaction was the creeping realization that I couldn’t stop writing, even if I wanted to. And that’s mostly because I love the process, the act of writing. Even on the hard days. 

Congratulations to Martha and all the Pitch Wars mentees who kept writing through it all.

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Jenna Lincoln