For the past few years, we’ve done a late December road trip from Omaha to Tucson to bring my mom’s car and dogs down south for the winter. Thanks to torrential rains in Oklahoma, we changed our route this year which rewarded me with my first trip to Roswell, New Mexico. We only had an hour, due to the aforementioned road trip and dogs, but oh, the sights we saw! 

As a long time X-Files fan and a new fan of History Channel’s Project Blue Book,  I thought I knew the basics of the Roswell Incident and the accompanying lore. Turns out, nope, I would have failed the pretest at the International UFO Museum and Research Center. You know that feeling when you learn a little and suddenly you are starving to learn everything you can? That’s how I left Roswell – #obsessedwithaliens.

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Jenna Lincoln