Romance! February 2017

I’m on the Heart of Denver Romance Writers board with my good friends Lisa Brown Roberts and Sarah Hegger. One of our local library systems contacted Lisa, our HoDRW president, about offering a program on How to Write Romance at two locations during the month of February.

Jenna, you might be thinking, you don’t write Romance. You write Young Adult Science Fiction. What the heck?

Well, yes, I do write YA Sci-Fi, but, the Romance Writers of America was the first writing organization to welcome me as a brand new writer. Writers need community, at least a little.

To your point, my contribution to this presentation was about why almost all writers sneak in “the feels” no matter what genre they call home. I love a good romance sub plot or story line mixed in with mystery or thriller or fantasy. Let’s be real, how many times did I watch the first X Files movie for the scene with the ‘almost kiss’? So, so many. We talked about how the romance story line can be the B Story or create some of the hooks to keep people reading. My final point was, if you’re going to add a dash or a dollop of romance do it right.

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Jenna Lincoln