April 2018 – Pikes Peak Writers – Jonathan Maberry

My favorite thriller writer is Jonathan Maberry. He writes a series for adults featuring a character named Joe Ledger who works for the mysterious Department of Military Sciences. Maberryโ€™s writing not only brings Joe Ledger to life, but also the increasingly challenging threats that Ledger faces over the course of many books. Maberry also edits professionally written X-Files fan fiction and publishes it in anthologies. I attended the Pikes Peak Writers Conference, PPWC, just to meet him. I sat next to him at lunch and I went to all of his sessions. While I knew about Maberryโ€™s YA zombie series, Rot and Ruin, what I didnโ€™t know was that Maberry considers himself more of a horror writer than a thriller writer. Heโ€™s even on the board of the Horror Writers of America. His ideas about adventure horror and thriller horror gave me a lot to think about as I continue to work on my first scary book – a YA poltergeist story. A story inspired by one of the X-Files fan fics in one of the Maberry collections.

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