Teaching Writing

NaNoWriMo 2019

This year my goal for NaNo is to add 30K more words to my current WIP. Why not 50K? Even though I’m writing faster each year, 1100-1400 words/day is usually my average. Before I tried the National Novel Writing Month though, 300 words/day was my average (which is why, among other reasons, it took me 2 years to finish my first novel). Again this year, I’m working with two 8th grade classes as Read more […]

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Back to School 2019

Back to school happens early doesn’t it? When I was growing up, school started the last week of August (before anyone knew it was my birthday, so my locker rarely got decorated). This year I’m super grateful to begin my work in a classroom with advanced 8th grade language arts students. The students took my “What do you want to learn” survey and their pattern is the same as most of the classes Read more […]

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