Roswell Revisited

Over the 4th of July weekend, I returned to Roswell, NM for the annual UFO Festival. Not knowing what to expect, I was most surprised by the wholesome, small town atmosphere of the festival. It seemed as though every local business was participating including the chamber of commerce and the beauty school. More than a dozen experts and authors were in attendance, speaking about their books and research as well as interacting with attendees. The festival runs for three days, but we were only there for Friday. My main regret is that my daughter wanted to get her face painted so we went to that booth instead of making our own tinfoil hats. Certainly, I could make a tinfoil hat at home, but it wouldn’t be the same. As with my prior trip to Roswell in December 2018, I left with more questions than answers. And yes, I’m still #obsessedwithaliens. 


 P.S. I bought a lot of swag at the International UFO Museum gift shop.


P.P.S. Roswell was part of a southern New Mexico road trip during which I was definitely doing research for a MG historical mystery I’m planning. Stay tuned!

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